About us

Our Mission:

  • Provide the general population with access to high-level concussion management services.

  •  Participate in the prevention of relapses in injuries related to lack of attention or slow motor reactions, including concussions, by training visual and vestibular functions, for everyone.

  • Take part in the development of athletic performance by training the visual and vestibular functions of the active population and athletes of all levels.


Performance NeuroVision programs:

We offer a personalized balance and coordination training service, called sports visual training (SVT), focusing on the use of the central nervous system and the visual (eyes) and vestibular (inner ear) systems.


For who?

Our training programs are aimed at the general and athletic population, and are divided into 2 distinct categories: training for performance supervised by an athletic therapist or a kinesiologist (NeuroSport) and the rehabilitation combined with physiotherapy, neuro optometric, occupational therapy and osteopathy (NeuroRehabilitation), to better adapt to the individual needs. They are developed by professionals, and guided according to your objectives and your condition.

The training programs created for athletes for performance development differ from those created for people with injuries or concussions.

The inclusion of visual and vestibular function training

The inclusion of visual and vestibular function training Including both trainings of visual and vestibular functions contributes to increasing the reaction speed, the management of sensory information, concentration, and balance.

The result is a better view of the environment, and more precise and targeted reactions: for example, for athletes, better vision of the game and better motor decisions, and for drivers, better vision of the road, and quicker protective reactions. The risk of injury due to being inattentive or having a slow reaction is also reduced. For young and old, greater concentration is also a plus for school and activities.

Our approach

The main focus of our approach is to be centered on the personal needs of each individual who consults with us. We work as a multidisciplinary collaborative team, using our expertise to offer a service, according to your objectives.

SVT programs for concussions are designed and guided by licensed physiotherapists and athletic therapists, certified by the Complete Concussion Management Institute (CCMI) and/or the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA) under the supervision of your doctor, our sports doctor, or one of our consulting functional (neuro)optometrist partners, trained in functional optometry (neuro optometry) by the OEP (Optometric Extension Program) or with VT-Canada (Canadian chapter of the College of Optometry in Vision Development).

The inclusion of visual and vestibular function training